Color!  How? When? Which? Where?  And we each have favorites, for so many reasons.  But there are ‘best’ colors for each of us, just as there are ‘best’ silhouettes for each of us.

Some truisms:

Wearing less flattering colors can make you look older, heavier, tired and even ill.  The wrong colors also often ‘wear’ you, so that people see your clothes or outfit before they see you.

Not only do the correct colors for you make you look healthier, slimmer and sharper, but they also can make you feel healthier, slimmer and sharper.  Friends say, “you look great.” Color also affects our mood and emotions, our perceived silhouette, and the overall impression we make on others.   It’s important to know and utilize your ‘best’ colors.

So why would you wear anything other than the colors that suit you best?  Well, lots of reasons! Black is an excellent example: very few people can claim black as a ‘best’ color, yet so many of us utilize black for the message of style, strength, chic, and sleekness it conveys.

Colors are thought to each carry their own energy, in the measurement of wavelength and how these waves hit the human eye, and therefore affect human thoughts, emotions, and even test-taking and decision-making abilities.  There is contradicting and contraindicating information regarding this issue of how color is interpreted, so we will leave that aside.

We will concentrate on the palette that informs your individual wardrobe, and that will take into consideration skintone, haircolor, silhouette, individual style, and of course personal preferences.