Adding a lengthening accessory for this petite client will draw the eye up to her beautiful face.


The finishing details on a work outfit for this high energy salesperson.


Adding new pieces to an existing wardrobe is fun and exciting, especially when you have a plan and know that the investment is going to pay off in lots of new looks!


A Girls Night Out go-to look: graphic tee, statement necklace, fitted jacket.

Anne helped me with an intense clearing of my closet, ridding myself of clothes that I didn’t much wear, but hung on to. After that, we were able to go through the remaining items and create new and different combinations that would really look good on me and emphasize my best features.

Anne gave me some standard rules of thumb for selecting new clothes, and I must say that I have never felt more confident that I look my best following her recommendations.

She is honest and loving in the process, and helps correct fashion mistakes that may have gone on for years.

Before I buy anything now, I hear Anne’s comments in my head asking if I really love it and if is follows the guidelines she suggests.  I know in the long run I have saved money and space in my closet by following her advice.

D.H., Ph.D., Vice-Chancellor

Thanks for such a fun evening together.  Loved all the ideas and advice, and I’m eager to start putting my new guidelines to work.  Anne you completely exceeded my expections and I couldn’t be more pleased.

C.B., National Corporate Outside Sales

Anne Cleve swept into my closet like a breath of fresh air. She helped me understand and appreciate my body’s unique features and assets and make the best use of pairing my wardrobe pieces together appropriately. Anne helped me to anchor my personal style and brand without trying to make me like someone else.  She gently corrected my mistakes. I now feel educated and empowered to shop on my own and add real value to my own wardrobe and sense of self image. Thank you A Style!

N.I., Campaign Manager

Anne, Thank you for an awesome evening building my wardrobe and confidence. You reinforced the things I was doing right, and provided specific recommendations for ways to extend and update my style.  Now when I’m shopping, I can easily and quickly select clothes that fit my body type and lifestyle.  What a great gift!

J.A., Executive Coach and Strategy Consultant