Traveling cross-country for account meetings will be comfortable, professional, and fashionable.

Anne works with each client individually, and meets the specific needs of each. Below, there are selected services, any of which is customizable.

The Process:

This includes an initial consultation, the four-hour Current Wardrobe Review, the Bespoke Cheat Sheet, a Detailed Procurement List, a Personalized Shopping trip (no shopping for the client – just a lovely time in a fully wardrobed & snacked dressing room), the Well Curated Closet where outfit after outfit is pulled together from accessories to footwear, and a Custom Look Book is then created of your ‘looks’ for your referral.


Perusing a client's closet.


Measurements are a first step in determining what silhouettes are most flattering.


A Saturday Shopping/Brunch Outfit is complete. What the photo didn't capture: the stitch on the jeans completes this look.

Current Wardrobe Review:

Anne will come to your home, working with you through your wardrobe to evaluate your current wardrobe. Best silhouettes for your body shape, coloring, and professional and lifestyle are discussed in detail. Includes a Bespoke Cheat Sheet (a quick & custom guide to your “best looks”) and the creation of a Detailed Procurement List. This four hours is an education in itself, and Anne promises will more than pay for itself in one shopping trip.


How much do I love this belt?? A fantastic accessory elevates the ordinary outfit to stunning.

Personalized Shopping Trip:

No shopping for the client — just a lovely few hours in a fully wardrobed and snacked dressing room! Anne will discuss with you ahead of time what is your budget and determine what is needed to complete your wardrobe, and then create a Detailed Procurement List.


Adding new pieces to an existing wardrobe is fun and exciting, especially when you have a plan and know that the investment is going to pay off in lots of new looks!

The Well-Curated Closet:

Outfit after outfit is pulled together, from accessories to footwear. These are photographed, logged and categorized, pulled together for your very own ‘Custom Look Book.’


A Girls


The ultimate Sunday brunch look: chic, fun, easy-to-wear.


An easy holiday look, catalogued for the client.


A beautiful look that will carry this teacher from the classroom to dinner out seamlessly.